“Foster’s characterization is understated and much of the guileless charm that emanates from her seems to be coming from inside.”

-Daisy Blake, Gephardt Daily (The Little Prince)

“McKenzie Steele-Foster gives Romeo a streak of brash bravado that propels her from scene to scene…”

  -Barbara Bannon Salt Lake Tribune (Høüses)

“Steele-Foster, easily one of the most courageous actors on the Utah theater scene, attacks the role of Mouse head on and bare to the world. Her unfeigned sensuality is only slightly tempered by the needy toxic co-dependency of the character” 

- Ben Watson, Front Row Reviewers (Anatomy of Arithmetic)

“The instant switch from bitter opponent to protective sister and back is fascinating to watch, and played brilliantly by Steele Foster.”

 -Ben Watson, Front Row (Mopey Wrecks)